Look for all inclusive deals to Costa Rica and spend your holidays here. There are plenty of amazing places that you and your friends can visit here. The stunning scenery, friendly locals and awe-inspiring places all combine to make this an ideal destination for vacationers. Make sure to visit Cobano, a laid back place perfect for people who want to have a peaceful and relaxing time off. Read on below to know more about the beautiful Cobano.

The happy town of Cobano is located in the hearth of the southern Nicoya Peninsula. All the roads that bring the tourists to the beaches around the tip of the Peninsula go through Cobano center. The town has therefore grown a lot in the past years and despite being a small town, it has all the important services. The bank is located in the very center at the main cross roads. It is called Banco Nacional de Costa Rica, the only bank in Cobano (Banco Nacional de Costa Rica has a branch in Santa Teresa). Outside banco nacional there is an ATM machine where you can withdraw colones or dollars. The bank is open from 8.30 am to 3.45pm.

The two gasoline stations are located across the street from each other just before coming into Cobano. They both offer car wash and tire repair services. The police is located next to the Post Office right at the entrance of Cobano.

Cobano is the best spot to buy groceries. There are several supermarkets, including the Megasuper. Everything is cheaper in Cobano compared to the prices at the beaches. Monday mornings there is a vegetable and fruit market that offers the freshest products at good prices. "Marino Delicatessen" is the best shop in town to find any kind of Italian products or delicious sandwiches. The pink "cantina" in front of the bank has the coldest beers and the restaurant "El diamante" (ex Las Piscinas) offers beer and bocas (free appetizers) all day long and karaokee/dancing at night.

The second hand shop sells American clothes for very little money. The cooperativa has all the products and tools for gardening as well as medicine and food for animals.

The two Ferretterias (hardware stores) have everything for construction. The clinic and “Emergencia 2000” offer medical service. The pharmacy, "Farmacia Amiga", sells medicines, cosmetics, homeopathic products and offers Western Union money transfer service.

In Cobano there are also two dentists.
The municipality is located diagonal from the clinic and in front of the soccer field.

Every year on September 15th, for the occasion of independence day, the schools organize a big parade: hundreds of children and teenagers play drums and lira, typical Costa Rican instruments. Primary and high school are all located in Cobano center.

February 17th to 28th 2011, Festejos de Cobano, next to the gasoline station.