To the north and south of Montezuma are white sand beaches speckled with rocky peninsulas, protected by ancient cliffs formed some 80 million years ago.

Playa Montezuma
Montezuma has a long sandy beach to the north side of the village. It is the first of many beautiful, wild beaches and reserves. It is a nice beach to sunbath, play or body surf.

Piedra Colorada
is located a couple of km north of Montezuma. It is a very nice 15 min walk along the shore and through trails in the jungle. Pidera Colorada gets its name from the colorful little stones that characterize this beach. Piedra Colorada is also well known for the river that meets the ocean, blending the hot, salty water with the fresh and sweet water in an amazing pool where it is truly a pleasure to swim. Perfect for kids. Walking up along the river it is possible to find many natural holes and powerful jacuzzis for massages.

Playa Grande
long, wild  and extremely peaceful beach. It takes about half an hour to reach Playa Grande walking along the ocean. This extraordinary beach changes profile depending on the tide. It is a perfect spot to learn how to surf and also the best destination for horseback riding lovers. Every February a bunch of local artists gather in Playa Grande and create the "Chunches del Mar" art exhibition: food, music and art.

Playa Cocalito
is a long, cresent shaped beach fringed by old palm trees. It is also a great horseback riding destination. At the far end of the beach resides "El Chorro", the famous waterfall that falls 20 meters into the ocean.

Playa Las Manchas
is a small, white, sandy beach with turquoise water that looks like a typical Caribbean beach. It is great for swimming and snorkeling, located only 10 minutes walking south along the coast towards Cabuya.

Playa Los Cedros
is located a little further south than Playa Las Manchas on the way to Cabuya.  Playa Los Cedros is another long and sandy beach that changes appearance depending on the tide. It is a great point break surf destination and home of the annual surf competition in the month of July.